Positive Behavior Support

Mission: Case Avenue Elementary shares the motto "We are family." This means we are "Pawsitively Proud" to be here, be ready, be respectful, and be safe.

We are a school family where the principal, staff, parents, and community members are stakeholders to assist all children to reach their highest academic potential. It is our mission that each and every day, when a child enters the Case Avenue doors, they know and feel that they are a part of something special by being a contributing member of the Case Avenue Learning Community.

Tigerific Expectations

Be Here

Be Ready

Be Respectful

Be Safe


Paw Power is the Case Avenue Way! Our school-wide positive behavior support program is in full swing and our students are being recognized for all of the positive things that they are doing.

In the first few weeks of school teachers from our Positive Behavior Support Team visit each classroom to teach our students what we expect behaviorally in each area of the building. The students are taught specifically what it means to be here, ready, respectful, and safe in the following places: Hallway/Stairs, Cafeteria, Restrooms, Playground and Classrooms. The children do a fantastic job listening and practicing the expectations. The school then has an assembly to review everything that the children have been taught and the classroom teachers then re-teach and reinforce these behavioral expectations.

In order to reward the students of Case Avenue Elementary we have developed a reward system to acknowledge the children that continually exhibit an understanding of our rules. The students that are given these awards are called down to our Paw Power display at the end of each day. They are given a tiger pride pencil and asked to pick a numbered bingo chip from a container. The number that the child pulls is recorded on our Paw Power Grid to recognize them as role models. Staff members then call home to let the parent(s) know that their child is behaving appropriately and that we are positively proud of them. When a row fills up on the grid a BINGO occurs and that row earns an extra prize.

We are truly PAWSITIVELY PROUD of our students and we are looking forward to continually rewarding positive behavior.