SCCA Orientation

Welcome to the SCSD Cyber Academy!  You have been invited to our Annual Cyber Academy Orientation!  Please see the important information below regarding this mandatory orientation:

During Orientation students will:

  • Be given an overview of the expectations/requirements of the Cyber Academy
  • Be introduced to our Google Classrooms and understand what role those classrooms play within the Academy
  • Understand the importance of attendance
  • Learn how to navigate the Accelerate Education program-the online platform where students will attend classes
  • Be given student login information/assigned technology
  • Have an opportunity ask questions
  • Meet Mrs. Blair and Mrs. Parrish

During Orientation Parents will:

  • Learn why your role as a Learning Coach is vital to the success and growth of your child
  • Help to reinforce the importance of attendance to your child
  • Be introduced to the supports for at-home learning
  • Observe your child as they navigate through the Accelerate Education program
  • Have an opportunity ask questions 
  • Meet Mrs. Blair and Mrs. Parrish

Orientation Dates, Times, and Locations:

Wednesday, August 24, 2022 at Case Avenue Elementary School Library

10:00 am       Kindergarten-Grade 2

11:30 am       Grades 3-5

 Thursday, August 25, 2022 at Sharon High School Auditorium

4:00 pm          Grades 6-8

5:00 pm          Grades 9-12

 Students who attend must be registered for the Sharon City Cyber Academy and have their parent/guardian in attendance. Students will be issued their District technology at the end of orientation.  Please call Mrs. Blair at 724-983-4030 ext. 1018 with questions.