Principal's 200 Club


Tiger Pride

The Sharon Middle School is excited to announce the beginning of the Principal’s Tiger Club. The club is a positive behavior support system that rewards the students that follow the rules. Students who are “caught” following the school-wide rules are given a Tiger Ticket that is redeemed in the principal’s office for, a small token of appreciation as well as spot on the Principal’s Tiger Club board. The contest is similar to bingo in that the board has numbered squares where students place their name in a square that coincides with a randomly drawn numbered chip. Once an entire row of 15 is filled those students whose names appear in those boxes in the winning row will receive the Principal’s Mystery Motivator reward. The reward could range from homework passes to tickets to the local movie theatre. Upon completion of a cycle, usually about two weeks, the board will be wiped clean and the process will start again. The intended result of the Principal’s Tiger Club is increased positive behavior and reduced office discipline referrals.