Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive planning is a framework for thoughtful data-driven and research-based district and school planning. Comprehensive planning facilitates communication and collaboration, promotes shared practices and resources, and ensures that every stakeholder is working toward common goals. Additionally, these plans are submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Education in order to maintain compliance with state and federal mandates.​ 

The Sharon City School District established a Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee to engage in dialogue and assist with plan completion. This committee, in conjunction with other District groups, worked collaboratively to provide input into the plan documents.

The following plans are available for public review. These plans will be listed for Board approval on the August 20, 2022 school board meeting agenda. Please share any feedback, questions or concerns via email to Justi Glaros, Superintendent,

SCSD Comprehensive Plan 2022-2025

SCSD Gifted Education Plan Assurances (Chapter 16) 2022 - 2025SCSD Gifted Education Plan Assurances (Chapter 16) 2022 - 2025

SCSD Induction Plan (Chapter 49) 2022 - 2025

SCSD Professional Development Plan 2022 - 2025

Sharon MS ATSI School Plan 2022 - 2023