Culminating Project

The culminating project is designed to allow students to fully explore an idea through several avenues. You will be asked to choose a career or field of study, and then to produce three different pieces of work that reflect or relate to your chosen topic. You will also be asked to keep a project log, which will track your progress. A final, reflective essay will be written on the entire experience and will form the basis for the Exit Interview. Each senior will also prepare a resume by following a simple format provided to him/her. This project is a requirement for graduation. Upon completion and evaluation of the project, you will receive 1 credit. All components of the project must be completed in order to receive credit; you cannot graduate unless you complete the project.

You will need to think carefully about your topic. Although I am certainly available to assist you with the various requirements of your project, it is, for the most part, to be completed on your own.

Here are the elements of the project:

  1. Proposal: In this brief paper, you will outline your choice of topic, as well as some of the sources and ideas you will use in developing your project. A format will be provided for you to follow. The Senior Project Coordinator must approve your topic before you proceed.

  2. Visual: You will design a visual that reflects your career/field of study. Be creative! This may be a poster, a collage, a video clip, a diorama, anything visual, supported by some basic research, which may be presented to your group.

  3. Novel/Drama Cube: Choose a novel or play (classis or contemporary) that deals with your topic. Summarize the literary elements of the work on a story cube that you will present to your group.

  4. Product: This is the most flexible component of the project. You must come up with a product that reflects your concern or interest in this topic. The product can be almost anything: a research paper, a scaled model, a power point, a one-act play, a choreographed dance, a case study. Pretty much anything that connects to your topic, reflects your interest and requires time and effort on your part is acceptable. Think creatively; make a pitch. It will be considered!

  5. Project log: Keep track of hours (at least 25 required) and activities as you work on the project. Be sure to comment on your progress.

  6. Resume: As part of a group activity, each student will prepare a personal resume and cover letter using Microsoft Word and following instructions provided.

  7. Reflective Essay: Evaluate the process of completing this project. Refer to your project log for help in completing this assignment. You will receive guiding questions and the essay will be scored according to the PSSA rubric.

  8. Exit Interview: You will come before an evaluation committee to talk about your project. This will be the final step in completing the project. Upon satisfactory completion of the exit interview, you will receive the 1 credit required for graduation. Graduation, of course, still depends on all of your course work!

The timelines and rubrics for each component will be discussed in your group meetings. The project design is structured, yet offers plenty of room to be creative. It is meant to be challenging, but should be something with which you can have some fun!

Please note that there are 6 elements with deadlines attached to your Senior Project. Because deadlines are a fact of life, and you must learn to work within them, each element deadline has been assigned a value of 20 points. If you miss a deadline, no matter by how much or how little, present in school that day or not, you will not receive your points! Therefore, if you miss more than 2 deadlines, you will not pass the Senior Project. In addition, all elements of the Senior Project must be completed, before you will be scheduled for an Exit Interview. Once the interviews are completed, this year’s Senior Project is considered complete.

**Note—Career Center students will complete their projects though the Career Center. They may, however, be required to attend the Exit Interviews.